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Why? Because BRANDS are why people buy stuff. I help build brands that consumers easily say "yes" to. Your brand's power will be fueled by high-converting strategies that get people to crave you, return for more, and share you with others.


Work With Diana To Build Your Brand.

Marketing Consultant


Work with Diana to dissect your company's brand to uncover aha! moments and insights that’ll help guide your decisions and growth.

Marketing Coach


Consult with Diana 1:1 or in a group setting to get clarity on how to build a thriving brand with the right strategies, processes, and tools.

Marketing Courses

Online Training

Learn how to create and nurture your own winning marketing strategy at your convenience and pace with Diana’s online training.

Brand Speaker

Guest Speaking

Invite Diana to inspire your team on what it takes to build a remarkable brand and give your consumers talk-worthy experiences.


Serving Your Needs.

You deserve working with someone who gives you VIP treatment and that's what you'll get. You'll thrive and scale with the right brand and marketing strategies. You’ll minimize your risks and optimize your gains while saving time and frustrations in doing so. >>Let's chat and see if it's a fit.

Unleashing Your Opportunities.

Your challenges will be taken off your plate and turned into opportunities backed by proven methods. You'll achieve greatness in building a talk-worthy brand the right way with the right strategies. Are you ready to take action?

A no BS gal.
Only happy if you win.
Nurture your brand like my own.
Keep things simple + actionable.
Treat you like a partner not a project.

Let's Get One Thing Straight.

Branding isn't just a logo - it's a valuable promise that you make to your consumers.

Marketing isn't just an ad - it's a meaningfully relatable story that connects with your audience. 

It's less work to make a logo but it takes commitment to build a real brand. Sure it's easier to buy impressions than earn them yet earning them is more powerful. It's simpler to make an ad but it takes nurturing to create advocates. A great brand is about being obsessed with your consumers not your products + having a strategy vs. flying at the seat of your pants + creating a customer experience that people keep coming back for and share with others. What type of brand do you want to be known for?


Need focus and clarity? I have your back.
Strategies that work? Look no further. 
What to say yes vs. no to? I make this easy.

Check Out The Results From Clients.

Tim M.
Senior Director, Dare Foods

“Integrating a new acquisition and expanding it into new channels is a big undertaking so we partnered with DREROC to assess our competitive landscape and develop a marketing growth plan. Diana quickly understood our brand needs and translated them into an actionable plan that received full support from all stakeholders. Not everyone has the ability to turn insights into action. Diana is one of the few who can.”

Paul V.
Strategic Business Relations, BRCGS

“DREROC developed a hard-hitting marketing training plan for our global business development team. Diana exceeded our expectations, receiving accolades from our global partners. She delivered stellar plans while navigated through our new branding processes. I highly recommend Diana for leading marketing plans. She’s astute, pays attention to details, and an asset to any business venture.”

Andrew S.
Founder & CEO, Stradigi Marketing

“I had the pleasure of working with Diana on the positioning of my brand and website for my digital and AI agency. I was impressed with her process and top-notch plan delivered within a short timeframe. She is very perceptive in understanding the various elements of the requirement brief and brought a refreshing style to brand positioning and storytelling, that was simple, yet comprehensive.”

Ben F.
Founder & Coach, Heroic

“Diana is outstanding to work with. The more I see my business improve because of her guidance the more I want to work with her and the more momentum I feel. The best part is that her guidance and information lasts well beyond our meetings. I use what she taught me every day and it's paying off big time.”

Renee M.
Founder, Soul Purpose Bars

"I'm so impressed with how Diana's courses relate to my business. It allowed me to put so much thought into the voice of my business and what I need to do to get national attention. The process has given me aha! moments. This is a great investment for any business owner who wants to be top of the market."

Patty L.
Founder, Prints By Pal

"Diana dives deep into ways and tips for all types of marketing strategies that'll ensure business growth. She's also dedicated to making sure you reach your projected goals - she genuinely wants you to thrive. These courses have helped me pivot and plan for the future. Go get onboard and get online with DREROC!"

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