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Welcome To DREROC Where I Treat Your Brand Like My Own.

Hey there! I’m Diana Rocca and you can expect nothing less than my collaboration and candidness when we work together. You can rely on me to be honest about unearthing real challenges and opportunities for your brand. Oh, and I get shit done!

I went from business school to corporate marketing to now living out my purpose in helping brands and people like yourself. I spent over a decade in corporate marketing leading strategy, brand building, and product innovation at companies like Google, Pepsi, Loblaws, and Dare Foods. Previous to this, I completed my business degree at Schulich School of Business. Now I'm the passionate face behind DREROC Marketing Strategy.

I've launched and re-launched hundreds of products. I've gone through the hoops and hurdles so I know which areas to focus on 1st then 2nd then 3rd and more. I understand the pitfalls to avoid so that you don't waste your time or money. All of this is part of building a remarkable brand that people want to keep coming back for and share with others.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words” right? In that case, enjoy this small visual collection to get to know me better.

Marketing Support
Brand Building
Marketing Communication
Business Strategy
Creative Thinking
Marketing Strategy

Why I Do What I Do.

To get people to think differently.
To encourage going beyond one’s comfort zone.

To inspire curiosity and leadership.

To shape consumer behavior and culture.

To support adapting to constant change.

To impart confidence and guidance.

To connect brands to people and people to brands.

To motivate others to win and succeed.

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